IT outsourcing refers to outsourcing all or parts of IT functions to an external party. Information technology outsourcing is a subset of business process outsourcing (BPO). The reasons for IT outsourcing include lack of resources and cost reduction.
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Reasons for Outsourcing

Team Concept: Ability to draw upon expertise of many specialists versus the expertise of one or two individuals.
One Point Of Contact: One point of contact for all your IT needs
Project Base: Gives the company the ability to bring in certain expertise to complete a project without having to commit to long term employee resources.
ROI: By outsourcing you can save on employee benefit costs like:

  • 1. Medical Insurance
  • 2. Social Security
  • 3. Unemployment Insurance
  • 4. Worker’s Compensation
  • 5. Workstation
  • 6. Telephone
  • 7. Work Area